Tour Bus Leasing provides all the amenities of home. We're the top choice for on the road entertainers. Modern state of the art coaches with spacious front and rear lounges. Fully equipped state-of-the-art surround sound entertainment centers with TV, VCR, Radio, Cassette, and CD players.





All the comforts of a first class flight and a luxury hotel, combined with high profile, 24 hour a day advertising


Distance between a scheduled tour and  appearances can be greatly extended due to the comfort level of your transportation choice, also increasing the comfort of your staff and their enthusiasm for the task ahead.
During break times when staff may be heading home over a long weekend, our Tour Bus Leasing driver can transport them to the local airport, then go ahead to the next location where he or she could pick them up on their arrival. And the bus would be available as lodging for anyone who stayed behind during those times.
Our drivers are experienced, certified and professional. They're here to make your tour as easy as possible, taking you where you need to go, when you need to get there. We help you co-ordinate your itinerary and schedule to maximize the benefits you need to achieve.
Let us make it easy for you by customizing your coach to your needs, such as a tailored Media Bus or a Top of the Line Studio Bus.









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