Tour Bus Leasing provides all the amenities of home. We're the top choice for on the road entertainers. Modern state of the art coaches with spacious front and rear lounges. Fully equipped state-of-the-art surround sound entertainment centers with TV, VCR, Radio, Cassette, and CD players.





All the comforts of a first class flight and a luxury hotel, combined with high profile, 24 hour a day advertising


Get the most out of your promotional touring campaign with high profile, mobile advertising. Appearances are an integral piece of your promotional puzzle. Why not make the journey between your stops an event that makes an impression on everyone along your route.Taking a step with Tour Bus Leasing means taking a step up in your marketing campaign. Create an excitement with your Customed Designed Bus Wrap, advertising 24 hours a day on your "Mobile Billboard".

Tour Bus Leasing also offers a high end Media Package that enables on the road promotion and entertainment involving the latest technology. We have a marketing specialist on staff who can easily cater your package to fit your promotional needs.
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